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Unless you are living in a cave, or else, I am sure you have heard of this latest documentary called “The Last Dance”, which is a 10-part series being air on Netflix and ESPN. This documentary takes the audience back in 1997-1998 NBA season when the Chicago Bulls won its 6th NBA Championship, finishing a the second 3-peat in the Bulls dynasty. This was also the last season before the disband of the Chicago Bulls where Michael Jordan retired. Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, the key pieces left the organization and played for other teams. Famous Bulls coach, Phil Jackson left town and went to coach the Los Angeles Lakers.

This documentary is creating alot of buzz right now as it showcased lots of behind-the-scenes and rare footage that were never been broadcast to the public before. All these precious footage were made possible coz prior to 1997-1998 NBA season, the Chicago Bulls had granted a camera crew access to film the footage of Michael Jordan and other players, coaches and management.

For those who have not watched The Last Dance, you can stop reading as there are tons of spoiler alerts at the bottom of the BLOG.

Here is the trailer of The Last Dance.

In this MoVernie BLOG, let me share my thoughts and opinions on The Last Dance episode #3 and #4:

1.  I don’t know about you, but after watching the first 4 episodes of The Last Dance, I found the episode #1 and #2 were more entertaining than #3 and #4. I felt the first two episodes set the tone for the documentary and focus on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Episode #3 and #4 were more focused on the rivalry between the top teams in the NBA.

2. So…why is MJ’s eyes so red during the documentary? Did he drank too much during the interviews?

3. Episode #3 focused on Dennis Rodman, the Bad Boy in the NBA. Here is the thing, I wish the documentary provided more Rodman, there were a bit about his 48 hours partying in Vegas and how MJ came knocking on Rodman’s hotel room and asked him it’s time to go back to join the team. I wish to see more of him with Madonna and other girls he dated with.

4. If you don’t know who is Carmen Electra, you got to google her up. In the documentary, she was interviewed, at the age of 48, she still look so fine. Was hoping to see more of her and Madonna. So….Dennis was able to score so many beautiful ladies and these are some big name celebs as well.

5. After watching more about Dennis Rodman, he looked lonely back then. Although he was partying non-stop, the wedding stunt and the “Bad Boy” image, to me, he looked lonely in his eyes. Yes, he can party, get hot girls, but deep down, he looked lonely. He did all the crazy stuff to get attention, to have people always around him but he wasn’t happy then. He needed help and I was glad Phil Jackson understood him and was his friend to guide him along. If Bulls didn’t take a chance on him and no other NBA teams take a chance on him, he could be in the suicidal phase.


6. I like how this show had a mix of old footage and new footage of interviewing the players and MJ now, coz it added a different perspective on the players and how their thoughts have changed looking back 20 years later. I also like those reactions when the interviewer handed the ipad to MJ and asked him to check out Isiah Thomas reasoning for walking off the court without shaking the Bulls team hands after Chicago finally beat the Pistons.

7. I agreed with Michael Jordan, the Pistons, Isiah Thomas can come up with whatever excuses they want for walking off the court without shaking the hands from the Chicago Bulls. Pistons were classless, not professional and a disgrace for walking off the court. It showed they are “sore loser” and lack of sportsmanship. It was disappointing.

8. Jerry Krause was a great General Manager, unfortunately, he had low self-esteem and wanted to be in the spotlights. When MJ, Phil, Scottie, Dennis all took the spotlights off him, Jerry just couldn’t accept his role behind-the-scene. That was sad, if he could take aside his jealousy, the Chicago Bulls could have won more rings or have MJ plays a few more years with Phil Jackson as coach.

What are your thoughts of The Last Dance? Did you enjoy this documentary? What was your favourite part? Were you able to watch Michael Jordan and the Bulls back then? Any funny moments or interesting stories that you could share? I would luv to hear from you.



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