The Township with the Heart of Gold – Madoc, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]



Have you been to Madoc, Ontario before? Madoc (pronounced as May-doc), is located about 2 hours from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It’s a mid-way point driving from Toronto to Ottawa and vice versa from Ottawa to Toronto.

This town is often labelled as “The Township with the Heart of Gold” coz it’s once was a mining town and it is also located at the major intersection between Highway 7 & Highway 62. Did you know that Highway 7 was once the major highway for people to commute from Toronto to Ottawa? But once the Highway 401 was constructed, more people opted for the faster & quicker route of Hwy 401. Mind you, if you are looking for a scenic route and got tired of the boring Hwy 401, I highly recommend you to take the Hwy 7. It’s a nice scenic route along the way where you can see trees, forests, lakes, cottages and you can make all kinds of stops at towns such as Madoc, Ontario for a quick bite, take a short nature walk or perhaps shop local & support location businesses.

I have to admit, before I had a working initiative with the Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce (Madoc Chamber of Commerce), I have no clue where Madoc is. But as we spent time here, we realized that this town is a hidden gem. There are so much to see, eat, drink and shop. More importantly, it has some nice nature spots for your families and loved ones to spend a few hours or a day or two here in this town. The best part? The people here are super friendly and helpful. There is a strong sense of pride and everyone here luvs to help one another and building a strong community.

Click here as I show you the top things to visit and do here in Madoc, Ontario.

Scroll down below this BLOG as I show you some of the FUN FACTS about the town of Madoc, Ontario.

My buddy Hank Moony @hankmoony (make sure you follow him on IG especially if you are a foodie) is accompanying me on this mini road trip. And it’s always so much more fun driving a Mazda vehicle. We are On the MOVE to Madoc, Ontario with this 2021.5 Mazda CX-5 Signature SUV. First thing first, we are visiting the Chamber of Commerce to gather INFO & tourist attractions about this town.

MoVernie TIP: Always check out the Chamber of Commerce of a city or a town as it is always a great spot to gather INFO from staff who normally live in the area and they can provide you with helpful suggestions on where to visit, what’s around the area, the restaurants, bars and the hidden gems.

Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce – Madoc, Ontario, Canada
Address: County Rd 23, Madoc, ON K0K 2K0


– Pronounced as “May-doc”
– The junction of Highway 7 and Highway 62
– Half-way point between Toronto and Ottawa (about 2-hour drive from Toronto to Madoc and 2-hour drive from Ottawa to Madoc)
– Has a rich mining history. Gold was discovered at nearby Eldorado back in 1866.
– Slogan “The Township with the Heart of Gold”
– A community in the municipality of Centre Hastings as part of the Hastings County

Did you know….the Madoc Chamber of Commerce work closely with local businesses to promote and come up with different projects to showcase and encourage people to shop local, eat local, drink local? One of the initiatives that we saw during our visit was the “Christmas Tree” Project where at the front of each local business, you will see a decorated Christmas tree being placed at the front of the store. This creates cohesiveness and consistent visuals along both side of the street to create a good festive and holiday vibe during Christmas time.


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