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Do you luv BBQ? Have you ever tried Chinese BBQ is quite different than the Western style BBQ mainly in the apparatus that the chefs use and the ingredients that they barbecue? Chinese BBQ is a comfort food for many of our Asian families. It’s also one of the nice food division in many of our other Chinese cuisines, from hotpot, noodles, congee, dim sum and others.

I luv Chinese BBQ. Usually, Chinese restaurants offers 1 meat, 2 meats or 3 meats or even 4 meats. I usually prefer 2 meats coz that’s enough for me. My “Go-To” 2 meats are Roast Pork and BBQ Duck.

MoVernie Ideal Combo:

1. Roast Pork (luv the crispy skins)

2. BBQ Duck

3. Steam Rice

4) Bowl of Chinese hot soup

5) Ginger with green onion sauce (perfect for rice).

There are so many different BBQ items.

Here are a list of variety of Chinese BBQ items that you can order at the Chinese BBQ restaurants:

BBQ Duck:

Cuttle Fish:



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