Top Places To Check Out – 2024 NHL All-Star Game – Toronto, Canada


The 2024 NHL All-Star game is finally here and it’s being held in Toronto, Canada!

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know….the last time Toronto hosted an NHL All-Star game was back in 2000, that’s 24 years ago! I guess it was the right decision for the NHL to decide to give Toronto another NHL All-Star event.

Tonight, I decided to roam around the Downtown Toronto core to see where all the happenings are so that you know where to go and check out, I did the heavy work, so you don’t have to.

Below is the MoVernie Guide to the 2024 NHL All-Star Game – Toronto:

Scotiabank Arena:

The 2024 NHL All-Star Game will be held here at the Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. At Game 5, pretty much the Maple Leaf Square, I saw a bunch of red light hockey sticks already LIT welcoming fans to show up to watch the NHL All-Star Draft on Thursday, February 1. The Skills Competition on Friday, February 2 and the actual All-Star Game on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

Real Sports Apparel:

Right across the Scotiabank Arena is the Real Sports Apparel, you can buy the NHL All-Star merch there as I walked by, I saw the hardworking staff making jerseys non-stop and getting ready for peeps to buy these merchandize.

Fairmont Royal York:

I have seen people hosting events there and I seen people chillin at the lobby. You could try your luck as you may bump into NHL people.

Hockey Hall of Fame:

I walked by tonight and there was a 35th Anniversary Celebration for the Upper Deck card company private event. It’s always a good venue for private hockey related functions.

Hyundai NHL Fan Fair:

The Hyundai NHL Fan Fair is one of your best bet to see NHL players as each day, they welcome fans to come and meet & greet some of the NHL players who will be attending and making special appearances. You purchase a very reasonable general admission and you get to interact and enjoy many activations in an indoor setting.

St. Regis Hotel:

St. Regis Hotel is a popular hotel that sometimes different sports teams stay there whenever they come in to play against one of the Toronto home teams. This is also a popular hotel for celebrities and athletes to stay there.

The Ritz Carlton:

Ritz Carlton is one of my favourite hotels in the city as it’s luxurious, staff are very friendly, professional and attentive. I recalled bumping into a number celebrities during TIFF. This is also a popular spot for athletes and celebs to stay, you can try your luck here.

Delta Hotels Toronto:

Located just a block from the Scotiabank Arena, you will see this Delta Hotels Toronto, they have NHL All-Star stickers on all entrances, welcoming its guests. This is also where the NHL staff come and pickup their badges and other accreditations. This is also super close to Metro Convention Centre which is hosting the Fan Fair.

Hotel X:

I have seen a number of past hockey players who are going to be hosting some meet & greet events here at the Hotel X. Although it’s a bit out of the downtown core, some athletes luv this place as it’s a little bit out of the hotspot and they just prefer something a little on a quieter side and laylow.

Sheraton Centre Toronto:

This hotel is located across the Old and New City Hall of Toronto. It’s also conveniently walkable across the iconic Eaton Centre shopping mall. Perhaps some NHLers would stay here as I walked by the lobby, I saw NHL Analyst, Elliott Friedman was busy working on one of the sofas near the entrance. You just never know who you may bump into.

City Hall & Nathan Phillips Square:

There will be events happening outside the City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. I saw a bunch of big puck with pictures of the NHL All-Stars such as Sidney Crosby and many others.

If you know any events or festivities that I may not have listed here, feel free to reach out and let me know so I can update this NHL All-Star Tour Guide. Thank you!




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