Toronto Raptors – Parting Ways With Coach Nick Nurse – No One’s Fault – Time to Move On


Today, the Toronto Raptors decided to part ways with long-time head coach Nick Nurse. Am I surprised by this move? Not really? My opinion? I am indifferent with Nick Nurse staying or leaving. However, I am leaning towards moving on from Nick and having a new voice with new coaching style to guide this group of players to the next level.

Anyhow, I am still thankful and grateful of Nick Nurse’s contribution to helping us winning the franchise 1st ever NBA Championship back in 2019. However, I do feel that….after winning the chip, the media and fans gave Nick so much slack that in the past few years, we were all too comfortable with each other.

Anything that Nick does seems like we all feel he is right, he is genius, whatever he does, no one should question his decisions. I think this has come to a territory that it could be dangerous to just bend backwards so much that no one seems to see the issues or problems that may arise. And hence why Masai decided to right the ship before it’s too late with the team’s culture.

In the past few years, I have not seen much progress from Nick Nurse. I don’t see any creative set plays or coaching decisions or styles from him anymore. I know our team isn’t good enough to legitimately compete for a championship and I am ok with it. I do feel, we were a bit ahead of the curve last year when we made the playoffs and drafted the “Rookie of the Year” Scottie Barnes that last year’s playoff appearance exceeded the fans and media expectations. So, when this year roller coaster season kind of bring the team back on earth that the fans and media were disappointed.

I am a die-hard Raptors fan but I am also a realistic fan, I know our team has tons of flaws. We don’t have enough reliable 3pt shooters yet we kept shooting for low percentage. We lack big centre size until we traded for Jacob Poetl. We don’t have creative plays, strategies, or good passing, we lack ball movement. The plays became so predictable that we knew Fred VanVleet will bring up the ball, dump it near the 3pt arc to Pascal Siakam and then he will jack up a stupid 3pter. Those aren’t plays that I want to see nor do I want to see “Hero Ball” from Fred.

We need better facilitator and better set plays from our Point Guard position.

I am disappointed at Nick Nurse for failing to develop our players. I don’t really care about win/loss columns when our team is in a transition phase of continual growth. But it sucks to see our starters burning out by averaging 38 – 40 mins a game during the regular season and ran out of gas in the playoffs. We need more player development. I would like to see more playing minutes from Malachi Flynn, Delano Banton, Christian Koloko and more other younger players.

Having said that, I also think the lack of bench is also lie on Masai and Bobby Webster shoulder as, they didn’t really went out and sign legitimate players to solify the roster. I mean, can you really trust the guys such as Ron Harper Jr., Doutin Jr.? What about Justin Champagnie? Our management needs to sign some real legit NBA caliber players to fill out the roster.

Overall, I just think this year was a lost cause. No one is particularly at fault really. I think the management should take some of the blame for lack of signing and addressing the team needs, also some blame on Nick Nurse for not giving enough playing minutes to the younger players and I also blame the media and fans for being too relax with the team.

In summary, we all just need to move on, in a new different direction as the fans, media, new coach, players and management needs a new voice, correct the team culture, more energy. This year, I felt like everyone was being too comfortable, lack of energy, there is no urgency or soul in the entire roster. As Masai had addressed during his press conference, it’s important to bring back some of the energy and culture back in the locker room and throughout the entire organization.

I think this is a good move. As the rumour goes, perhaps the Raptors will hire the former Boston Celtics coach, Ime Udoka, or perhaps promote within Assistant Coach, Adrian Griffin or make a splash by hiring female coach, Beckie Hammon. Anything is possible.

Anyhow, this will be an interesting summer to see what’s up the sleeves from Masai and let’s see who they are going to hire as the new Coach of the Toronto Raptors!


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