Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards – MoVernie Playoff Analysis



Some peeps questioned my predictions of Wizards in 6. Listen I am a die-hard Raptors fan but I am just a honest person with a rational analysis to the matchup. Just because I am rational doesn’t make me a bad fan, I just stay REAL. Actually, I hope they prove me wrong.

Anyhow, having said that, I am not saying Raptors don’t stand a chance but they haven’t been playing well in the past months and they have to be perfect to beat the Wizards in all areas.

Raptors Strengths:

– They are healthy, all players are healthy with DeRozan & Lowry in full-force
– Raptors have a deeper bench that can score and defend
– Raptors will have to rely heavily on LouWill ability to finish and to score consistently, which can be good and bad coz he will jack up an ill advised 3pter shot from all the way from Trinidad

Raptors Weaknesses:

– not enough frontcourt size against the Wizards BIG. If Jonas V fouled out, there isn’t another legit 7-footer to stop Gortat or Nene or Kris Humphries or Drew Gooden. If Gortat fouls out, Wizards have a luxury to slip Nene to centre, meanwhile we have shorty “Chucky Hayes” who is good at eating chuck burgers

– Inconsistent scoring punch at the starting SF & PF for the Raptors, we don’t know what we get from Terrence Ross and Amir Johnson

– Stubborn, questionable and robotic rotation by Coach Casey

X-Factor Raptors in the playoffs – 1) LouWill 2) James Johnson and 3) Tyler Hansborough

JJ and Tyler will be KEY to our playoff success.


Burning Question: If Raptors get kicked out of the 1st round again, will this be the final dagger to the firing of Coach Casey?

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