Toronto Tour – Becoming: An Intimate Evening With Michelle Obama – Live Nation Ontario


Former first lady Michelle Obama is in Toronto today (May 4th) for her sold out speaking engagement at the Scotiabank Arena entitled Becoming: An Intimate Evening With Michelle Obama. She had published her book “Becoming” last year and may possibly talk about her book and also touch on a number of topics that will inspire everyone, in particular, the young women from around the world.

I am very fortunate and had circled this special date and event on my calendar for quite sometime now and I am thankful that the Live Nation Ontario had hooked me with tickets to attend this event.

(Photo: Crown & Viking Press)

To me, this is a very unique event coz it’s not a concert, no wardrobe changing through out the show and it’s not a standup comedy either but it’s purely a person, Michelle Obama, possibly with a host, asking questions and providing her answers, her insights and having her motivating people about the happenings around us.

This is truly different but I am looking forward to this special event.

Stay tuned as I will write another MoVernie BLOG to let you know what the event is like and how was my experience.

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