Tulsa King After Party (Paramount+ Canada) – Marked Restaurant – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


After watching the 1st episode of the all-new Paramount+ Original, Tulsa King at Scotiabank Theatre, the VIP guests were invited to attend the after party. Paramount+ Canada has transformed the entire Marked Restaurant into Tulsa King after party.

You can’t miss this spot as the giant Paramount+ logo and blue lights glow outside the restaurant.

Once entered into the restaurant, we were greeted by the staff handing out glasses of bubbly. DJ spinning music at one spot. Then, you could see all the portraits of celebrities including Sylvester Stallone (main star for Tulsa King) on the wall. Moreover, you can see the bright Tulsa King lettering being LIT up!

As we scanned the Paramount+ menu, they had dedicated 3 specialty cocktails along with hors d’oeuvres being passed around the entire venue to VIP guests. One of the specialty cocktails is called “The Paramount”, it’s tasty and photogenic with the blue colour.

As we scrolled thru the 2nd section (this restaurant is huge!), there was a big Paramount Logo back drop for photo opportunity. There was a charcuterie board station at one side of the wall and more food were being served by the staff. We decided to get 2 glasses of white wine to flush down the tasty food.

And that’s not all, there was a 3rd section which they had transformed with saloon wooden doors and a “Yellowstone” signage outside. Yellowstone is another Paramount+ TV Series starring Kevin Costner. Once we pushed the saloon doors, we could see an image of the Yellowstone sign and display.

More specialty cocktails were being served here in this nice bar.

We had a great time here at the Tulsa King after party. We were impressed with the food, drinks here at Marked Restaurant. We will definitely back to dine here.


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