VinFast Displays at CNE 2022 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I am On the MOVE to cover this year’s CNE and while I was there, I noticed that VinFast Canada, an electric vehicle brand had a number of displays located throughout the entire CNE venue space.

In case you have never heard of VinFast, it’s an up & rising, fast growing brand that manufacturers electric vehicles in Vietnam. I only heard of them when a few months ago, I saw its products at Yorkdale Mall. I never knew Vietnam makes any vehicles, but they have been aggressive in launching various marketing strategies to educate and introducing its electric vehicles in Canadians and Americans.

Apparently, if they are on schedule, these electric vehicles will be on the road to Canadian consumers as quickly as by end of this year! Hopefully, by then, VinFast PR would give me a media fleet to test drive and sharing  my driving experience with you!

While at the CNE, I tried to find all of the VinFast displays, it feels like the Pokemon game, “Got To Catch Them ALL”. If you are visiting CNE this year, be sure to check out VinFast.

VinFast VF9 – Full-Size eSUV  – Located inside Enercare Centre (beside the Gaming section)

VinFast VF8 – Mid-Size eSUV – Beside BMO Field & Food Building

VinFast VF8 – Mid-Size eSUV – Beside BMO Field & Casino

VinFast VF8 – Mid-Size eSUV – Near Bandshell & Water Fountain

This was also my 1st time getting the chance to check out the interior, the hood and trunk of the VinFast VF8 coz last time at the Yorkdale Mall display, doors were locked and the vehicles on display were prototypes. Thus, it was super cool to finally check out the interior of the production model. My 1st impression? The interior looked typical to other brands but the quality of VinFast are up-to-par and very competitive with other brands. So, this brand is definitely a good option if you ever considering to purchase an electric vehicle.

In particular, the “D – Drive”, “R – Reverse” buttons reminds me of the buttons being found in many Lincoln products or the Acura vehicles.

To learn more about VinFast, you can click here.

Hopefully, in the near future, VinFast Canada will let me attend its launching events or provide me with a media fleet to test drive in Canada so I can share my experience and generate content to share with you.

If you are heading to CNE this year, be sure to look out for the VinFast displays and check out its electric vehicles and learn more about them and its battery subscription packages. And I was told that very soon, there will be VinFast dealerships located across the North American continent so you can check out its products and place a purchase.


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