Website Launch – Paula Callejas Group – Urban T-Shirt Collection – Now Open For Business


Female designer Paula Callejas who has been in the fashion industry for over 23 years is launching her latest urban collection on her website. The official website has officially launched today showcasing a list of high quality motivational inspired women urban t-shirts on its online store.

It’s now open for business and people can now purchase these high quality t-shirts online at The website has a nice black and white theme with a hint of colours, it’s nice and simple and very easy to navigate around the site which I appreciate.

Paula’s talent began her career designing swimsuits that fits different ladies with unique body shapes and forms. Her swimsuit lines are much appreciated to provide that much needed niche for those female customers who can’t seem to find the right fit from other mainstream brands.

Due to her success with the swimsuits, Paula has decided to expand its global brand with the motivational t-shirts. She said that, during this pandemic and especially in our ever evolving changing society, it is important to uplift and motivate each other. And with more and more female designers who wants to be their own entrepreneurs, it’s important women supporting women and promote women empowerment. Thus, she felt this is the RIGHT time to launch her latest Urban Collection.

Click here for more INFO about Paula Callejas and her story behind her brand.

Paula Callejas Group – Global Brand

Instagram: @Paula_Callejas_Group
Twitter: @PaulaCallejasGR



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