What Makes a Restaurant Michelin Star Worthy? [WASHINGTON DC TRAVEL SERIES]


What makes a restaurant Michelin Star worthy?

In my opinion, it combines with high quality of ingredients, top culinary skillz, taste, flavourful with great execution, the complexity of the dish has to make sense with purpose.

The atmosphere, the decor, the venue space has to be comfy with excellent service.

Most importantly, and many peeps don’t always notice….is the consistency.

Every time when you visit again & again, is everything at the highest level? The servers and the team have to work well and provide their consistent services and quality. And more importantly, I expect when I ask the server questions that they should be knowledgeable and have an understanding of each dish and not provide me with “I don’t know, not sure what ingredients or how that dish works”.

MoVernie TEST: During the entire course of this tasting menu, I went to the washroom twice and I looked back at how quickly a server notice I left my chair so he/she can fold my napkin. Both times, it only took less than 10s before a staff came over and folded my napkin. Well done! Cranes Team gone thru the MoVernie Test with flying colours.

Cranes (1 Michelin Star) – Washington DC, USA
Address: 724 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States
Phone: +1 202-525-4900
Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsLvusLS1KVhjiBP7


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