Why, Why, Tell Me Why?


V_025_sm by Roxy M-D

July 1, 2009


My friend and I co-created this wonderful website.

Why, why tell me why? What makes us wants to make a website like this and what makes it special?  Well, I have been a big fan of uploading photos to facebook.  Originally, I use facebook as a backup hard drive to store my photos, just in case my computer is wipe out.  I pose almost everything on facebook; my vacation, my travelling experience, the food that I taste, different sports venues, cars and other things in life. More and more people ask me about itinerary, food critiques and many of them express interests in my opinions.  Their encouragement and their positive readership gave me a confidence boost to take my ideas to the next level, which is my own website.

In this website, it’s not all about me.  MoVernie is only a brand, it is a way to establish a medium for my friends and any bloggers who wanted to share their expertise, their interests and their experiences with others. I can’t do it all, but with a group of enthusiasts, we can build a strong community.

Come join us and build this MoVernie community together!


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