ZipAir Delivers! A Legitimate Flight Option Flying From Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan!


Flying ZipAir from Narita, Tokyo to Vancouver, BC.

MoVernie FUN FACT: ZipAir is a sub-division from the well-known Japan Airlines. ZipAir offers low fare direct flight from Vancouver to Tokyo at least 4x a week and planning to expand its frequency further to popular demand.

The inaugural flight began mid-March 2024 and I decided to give it a try a few weeks after its inaugural service, flying both ways from Vancouver to Tokyo and vice versa with ZipAir.

The ZipAir flights are definitely cheaper than its competitors offering the typical standard economy seats and you pay for each check-in luggage, you pay for your onboard water, beverages, snacks, food and other miscellaneous items, but I can live with that coz I am willing to pay for my check-in bag and just buy my own water and food at the airport before boarding. And you want, you can purchase using its QR Code provided on the back of each seat to order instantly and the pricing are very reasonable on the plane via ZipAir app.

Now, for the record, I don’t just fly with any airline coz safety is very important to me. What I look for is a reliable airline and ZipAir delivers. They use a new plane, 787 Dreamliner with 9 seats per row (3x3x3 layout), good hardworking Japanese flight attendants. I appreciate the clean seats, cabin and washrooms.

Despite no online check-in at the moment, the line at the airport was quick at the check-in counter as they have at least 7 staff to assist you. But I do hope ZipAir has an online check-in app soon to save me time from lining up and not sure what’s happening at the airport prior.

ZipAir also offers a limited number of flat-bed seats for those who wants to pay more for more space and leg room.

Overall, I was super impressed with ZipAir and I highly recommend it to anyone who heard about this airline but wasn’t sure if they are legit or if they are a proven product.

I will definitely consider flying with ZipAir in the near future. Currently, ZipAir on flies to Vancouver from Tokyo, the only Canadian city but hopefully, ZipAir will consider offering direct flight from Toronto to Japan in the near future.

PS – I was impressed as a low fare airline that ZipAir offers FREE WiFi, which was reliable and super useful for live streaming and doing my social media.

Click here on the official ZipAir website to for more flight options and pricing!


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