162nd Queen’s Plate is BACK at the Woodbine Race Track! – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


FINALLY! The 162nd Queen’s Plate is back!
Calm before the storm before all the horse races + the $1M Queen’s Plate race this afternoon.
Who do you got for the BIG WINNER?
đź“· – @rgullettphotography + @therestorationpro
(Special shoutout to our MoVernie Crew, Byron and Rebecca for capturing the happenings, reporting LIVE at the Woodbine Race Track.)

MoVernie Crew Member: Byron

MoVernie Crew Member: Rebecca

So awesome to see these beautiful horses up close and personal. More importantly, it’s nice that Queen’s Plate are back! Events are back in Toronto. It’s been a long while. Such a beautiful sunny day here on the race track.


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