2012-13 MoVernie Raptors Season Predictions


Toronto Raptors

After a miserable shorten Raptors season from last year, alot of Raptor fans asked me about my prediction to our beloved Raptors for this year. My prediction, “MoVernie prediction”, you may say I am bold or gutsy but I am going to say…I think the Toronto Raptors have a bright future ahead of us, it will be a solid team for many years go to come. With the young core groups, along with more potential prospects year in and out. After taking the hit from last year’s miserable season (I totally expect the bad season), this is the year the Raptors will rise into respectability and making the playoffs after missing it in the past few years. I am so confident that we will be fighting for the 7th or 8th spot this year.

Similar to the 2006 season when no one expects us to make the playoffs with the #1 draft pick Andrea Bargnani, with new comer Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbojosa. I am confident that we will be making the playoffs this year and it will be mission accomplished. You can mark my words!

Last year, we have tons of garbage players filling in the void in various positions. This year, we are loaded with depth in every position, which we haven’t seen this in the past few years. In the PG slot, we have Kyle Lowry, Jose Calderon, John Lucas III. All three are capable starters. In the SG spot, we have established and ever improving DeMar DeRozan and this year’s 8th selection, “bowtie” Terrence Ross. In the SF spot, we have Landry Fields, Linas Klezia and Alan Anderson. In the PF and centre spots, we are log jammed with Andrea Bargnani, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson, the finally arrived Jonas Valanciunas and Quincy Acy. These are all talented and serviceable bodies that Coach Dwane Casey can work with (no more excuses for losing out close games coach, you have great players to win the games now).

With teams such as Magic trading Dwight Howard and have nothing in return, they are in the long-term rebuilding phase. Hawks traded Joe Johnson without upgrading its roster. 76ers and Pacers are basically good teams but they are beatable. The major sure thing would be Brooklyn Nets who missed the playoffs last year to most likely making the playoffs this year.

The Eastern Conference is still relatively weak and Raptors have every bit of a chance to secure a playoff spot. The ONLY thing the Raptors are lacking is the playoff experience by the young core which they have to show their energy and consistency night in and night out, which I think the deep depth of the roster will be a key factor as someone will be needed to step up and win the game for the team.

I will say this…if the Raptors make the playoffs this year, I could see GM Bryan Colangelo to win the Executive of the year again. I think he made some bold moves and against all odds, drafted what he thought were the best picks for the Raptors. He had an excellent track record in drafting great players so that’s his forte.

Now, Raptors fans, all you need to do now is just simply sit back and enjoy the ride! See you in the playoffs! And MoVernie is outta here!


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