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For the second consecutive year, I was invited by Ford Canada to attend the 2016 Ford North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Digital Summit. It’s an Exclusive VIP Event organized by Ford Motors, flying in the selected Digital Influencers from around the world to meet together and cover one of the largest auto shows in the world that is happening from January 11-24, 2016. I was one of the lucky exclusive Canadian Digital Influencers representing Canada.

It’s a 3-day Media Trip Event. First of all, let me start off with a summary of my Ford NAIAS Day-1 Itinerary so that you have a bigger picture of how my media event went.

Day 1 – Ford NAIAS Media Trip

1) Woke up early at 3:30 am to get to the Toronto Pearson Airport.

2) Landed at the Detroit Airport (DTW) at around Sunday 8:00 am.

3) Once landed, out of the gate, walked within the airport, saw the Westin Hotel entrance. Didn’t even have to walk outside and I had already arrived at the hotel!


4) Westin Hotel was where all the Ford NAIAS Digital Influencers were staying throughout the rest of this media trip. Super convenient, just a short walk within the airport.

5) Check in at the front desk.

6) Entered to my beautiful hotel crib. Big windows overlooking at the airport. A view of the airplanes right in front of me. How often you got a view like this? Meanwhile, I heard no noise as the hotel was built with strong audio proof materials.



7) Since I arrived early in the morning, the Ford NAIAS Hospitality Lounge hasn’t opened yet. The restaurant hasn’t opened yet either. So, I ordered room service for my power breakfast as I was super hungry. I had not eaten anything since I woke up at 3:30 am to get to the airport.


8) Unpack my luggage.

9) Took a nice hot shower.

10) Power breakfast arrived at my hotel crib.

11) Did some social media  work in my hotel room.

12) Took a long nap. By the way, the mattress, pillows at the Westin Hotel were super comfy and cozy. I had an amazing sleep.

13) Woke up around 4:00 pm, walked downstairs to the Ford Hospitality Lounge to greet the friendly Ford Staff. Said hi to many familiar faces. Picked up my official Ford NAIAS 3-day itinerary schedule book as well as the 2016 NAIAS Auto Show Credential.


14) Greeted my other fellow Ford NAIAS Digital Influencers. Some familar faces and also new faces. Set around and grabbed some snacks and beverages.

15) Got back to my hotel room and got dressed as we were heading to the Ford NAIAS Party being held at the Ford Field, home of the NFL Detroit Lions.

16) Hop on the bus to Ford Field.


17) Lots of hors d’oeuvres & cocktails and drinks inside the main entrance of Ford Field.

18) Meet & greet other Digital Influencers from around the world. In particular, before I attended this Ford NAIAS Media Trip, I knew someone named “Vernon Chan” was on this trip as well. What are the chances to have someone who shares the same unique name as me and with a last name only differ by one less letter “g”? So, we met. Meet Vernon Chang and Vernon Chang. LOL


19) Ford Executives went on the stage and introduced themselves to the crowd. They thanked everyone for coming to this Ford NAIAS Digital Influencers Media Trip.


20) The Ford Executives also gave the attendees a glance on what we were expected to see at this year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and during this Ford NAIAS Media Trip. They also touched on some of the future automotive trends, technologies and innovations that we would expect to see in the near future on vehicles that impact our daily lives.

21) A group of us wandered around the football stadium, taking photos from the stands of the beautiful Ford Field.



22) We all moved up to the 2nd level of Ford Field to enjoyed the official buffet dinner hosted by Ford Motors.


23) Lots of delicious food from salmon, roasted beef, huge meat balls, pasta and all other delicious food. Also, I got to try various local beer from the Motor City.

24) We got to take an elevator to head to the actual football field. But before we do that, we got to check out the Visitors Locker Room.


25) Then, we checked out the Detroit Lions Locker Room. (I still can’t believe we were given access to see what the locker room looks like, as I don’t get to see it on TV, this is Super Exclusive VIP).


26) Finally, the moment we been all waiting for, the opportunity to jog out from the big tunnel (the tunnel you often seen the entire football team jog out to the field).

27) We all got to walk and run and jog on the field.


28) I got to kick the official football, a chance to experience what it was like to kick a field goal in front of the large crowd. Better yet, I got to feel the turf and seeing myself on the jumbotron.


29) Hopped on the coach bus and headed back to the Westin Hotel.

30) Got back to my hotel crib and changed into comfy clothes.

31) Walked down to the bar area to mingle with the other Ford NAIAS Digital Influencers, but more importantly, to meet and greet some of the Influencers who had arrived later in the evening. Wanted to introduce myself and get to know them before the next morning.


(Photo: Shannon Mischuk)


End of Day 1 of my MoVernie Ford NAIAS Media Trip.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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