2018 Honda Accord – AJAC Car of the Year: Canadian International Auto Show (CAIAS2018)


Every year, as per usual, one of the highlights and one of the most anticipated announcement at the Canadian International Auto Show (CAIAS2018) Media Day is announcing the winners for the “Car of the Year” and “Sports Utility Vehicle of the Year” as voted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

This year’s CAIAS “Car of the Year” winner is…..Honda Accord! Congratulations to Honda Canada for winning this award. As many peeps know, Honda Accord is a well-known model name, carrying it’s heritage and excellence throughout many years in Canada. Also one of the best selling sedans in Canada.

When it’s an all-new 2018 model, you know the Accord will raise the bar again, setting a new benchmark in the mid-size sedan segment.

Canadian International Auto Show opens to the public starting on February 16th to February 25th, for more INFO on the venue space, business operation and ticket details, click here to find out more.


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