2019 Mazda3 Hatchback GT with Manual


Mazda Canada has kindly provided me with an all-new 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback to be On the MOVE for a week. This Mazda3 Hatchback, along with its sibling, Mazda3 Sedan are totally re-designed for 2019 and this Mazda3 family has been a popular, well-known model and brand for its customers for many many years.

A number of you may have remembered that I test drove the 2019 Mazda3 Sedan a few months ago, so this time, it’s the hatchback’s turn. For my tester, the body paint is what Mazda Canada described as “Polymetal Grey Metallic”, which I like to refer it in my own terms as “Muddy Grey”. It’s a cool, unique colour and I dig it. It stood out, it gives the vehicle a sporty and yet expensive look.

Muddy Grey is a very trendy colour right now in the automotive industry. During the Toronto International Auto Show, I saw a number of show cars from various car manufacturers used the Muddy Grey body paint. I personally think that Mazda and Audi have the best Muddy Grey colour in the industry.

In this segment of the MoVernie BLOG, let me show you the exterior and interior of this 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback. Tell me what you think. Do you like it? I know when this hatchback was first unveiled at the auto show, some media was not very fond of the way the hatchback was designed. I personally like it and enjoy it very much.


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