2022 BMW iX & i4 (Full Electric) – Montréal en Lumière [MONTREAL TRAVEL SERIES]


You know the BEST part when you are going with the flow? It’s when there are good surprises. As we were walking outside in the cold to check out the annual Montreal en Lumiere, we spotted a BMW display. There were sitting two beautiful sporty BMW products on display with friendly staff chatting with people about their vehicles.

Quite honestly, from afar, it just look like a 4-Series with the big kidney grill. But as I walked closer, I noticed the vehicle was pluggin into a charging station. The front  of the vehicle indicated “i4”. As I chatted up with a staff, apparently, it’s a full electric BMW i4 M50 xDrive. It’s the FIRST M addition to the BMW electric family.

If you go to the BMW Canada website right now, the first page that pops up is its BMW “i” lineup, featuring the latest full electric vehicles. I think this will be the main focus for BMW this year to let people know that it has expanded its offering of electric vehicles and this is a key area where BMW want to get a bigger piece of the pie in its sales, especially when gas prices are skyrocketing right now for gasoline powered vehicle.

(Photo: BMW.ca)

From what I saw from the BMW display, there are two main new players. The iX (which is a futuristic SUV looking vehicle) and i4 (that has 4 doors and look so much alike the 4-Series).

Hopefully, I can test drive some of these full electric vehicles and share my driving experience and its technology with you.

For now, you can click at this BMW Canada website to check out more INFO about the BMW iX and BMW i4.

And by the way, the Montreal en Lumiere happens every year. For this year, it’s happening from February 17, 2022 to March 5, 2022. If you are looking for something to do, you can make a road trip to check this festival out in Montreal.



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