2023 All-New BMW i7 – Fully Electric Sedan


(Photo Credit: BMW.ca)

I often like to check out the BMW Canada website just to see what’s new in BMW Nation. First thing that popped up on its website is the BMW i7 Sedan celebrating Lunar New Year.

To me, that’s very welcoming that a brand is celebrating my heritage and my tradition as my family and I celebrate Lunar New Year. It’s cool that the BMW i7 is in red and gold, the traditional combo colours that Asian adores as red and gold sympbolizes “Good LucK” in Asian tradition.

Although this graphic only shows up for a few days on the BMW Canada website, I printscreen it for the good memories.

Thank you BMW Canada for the nice gesture!

On a side note, BMW i7 is a fully electric full-size sedan. It has an unique styling cue with 2 horizontal thin front headlights. I wonder if this is the new direction that the BMW is going for.

For more INFO about the all-new, fully electric 2023 BMW i7 Sedan, you can click here.

(Photo Credit: BMW.ca)


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