2024 Mazda MX-5 Soft Top GS-P (Sport Package) – My Car of the Summer


You know what? This generation of Mazda MX-5 soft top convertible has been on the market for at least 7 or 8 years now BUT it never grows up in my books. You know why? It’s getting more rarer and rarer to find a brand-new convertible on the road these days. Most brands are pumping out SUVs or Electric Vehicles (EV), the culture of open air convertibles are next to extinct. Which is why I am grateful and thankful that Mazda continues to stay on course and continues with its own beliefs in building its own brand of vehicles that people want.

For example, MX-5 is pretty much the ONLY Japanese convertible on the market. And it’s one of the most affordable convertible on the market. Moreover, many brands opt for turbo engine, not Mazda, they put in a natural aspirated engine in the heart and soul of the MX-5 and it pairs with a manual gearbox and 2 seater.

This is why every summer, no matter how minimal the Mazda MX-5 changes over the years, or it looks the same, I ask Mazda Canada to provide me with the soft top version or the RF (retractable roof) versions.

Every year, Mazda Canada will pump out a new body paint colour to the addition, however, most colour choices are pretty much different shades of grey. I often joke with the Mazda PR if Mazda just into “Fifty Shades of Grey”? LOL We laughed over it. I really prefer sharp colours such as yellow, baby blue or lime green on this ride as I think it would be a showstopper. But I am sure Mazda has done some demographics research that majority of their potential buyers are into boring blend colours. And some who are adventurous would probably go for an after market body paint or wrap.

Anyhow, this 2024 year is no exception, it’s another new grey paint called “Aero Grey Metallic”, I do have to admit, this is one of my favourite grey on this MX-5, and lots of my friends and followers are digging this colour as well. I think it’s subtle but yet a colour people will fall in luv with and pairing with the black BBS rims and red brembo brakes, I think it’s a match made in heaven.

So…why do  I luv this MX-5 so much? It’s a 2-seater convertible with a rear wheel drive design along with a natural aspirated engine paired with a manual transmission gearbox. It looks good outside and looks good inside. Most importantly? Although it doesn’t look anything special with 181 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque, remember, this is a 2 seater which is relatively light weight so it has a fast take-off and it’s nimble, handles well and the manual gearbox driving experience remains one of the best in the business. This is a pocket rocket. Moreover, you can rev the engine as high as 6000 to 7000 rpm which is a rarity these days in a every day driving vehicle and since this MX-5 is light weight, it has a great fuel economy. Think about how much fun you are having and also light on your wallet when you have to fill up the gas to enjoy more fun! Other drivers may think you are speeding when you are not, it’s just that it take their vehicles a long time to get to 60 km/h and it takes super quick acceleration to get your MX-5 to 60 km/h way quicker. Overall, you can have so much fun with it without getting speeding tickets and driving under the speeding limit (of course, you should still be driving responsibly and be cautious).

2024 Mazda MX-5 Soft Top GS-P with Sport Package SPECS:

Rear-Wheel Drive
Skyactiv-G 2.0 L 4-cylinder natural aspirated engine
6-speed manual gearbox
181 hp
151 lb-ft torque
$40,577 CDN + $4400 (Sport Package) = $44,977 CDN + Tax.


The available Sport Package on the GS-P trim with manual transmission includes 17-inch BBS® forged alloy wheels, red painted front and rear brake calipers, Brembo® front brakes and Recaro® sport seats with Nappa Leather and Alcantara® trim.

If you don’t have kids and don’t need crazy amount of space and just wanted to enjoy an enjoyable life experience, this 2024 MX-5 is perfect for you! The fun experience this MX-5 brings to you never gets old.

One cool driving story that I wanted to share with you was that….I saw the all-new big 2024 Mazda CX-90 SUV on the HOV lane, it looked gorgeous and super luxurious. So, when I drove beside the CX-90 on the highway, they looked at me and I looked at the family, we both gave each other thumbs ups. It feel interesting the contrast with a convertible vs a big SUV. We just a various stages of our life and we picked a vehicle that work for our respective lives. Quite honestly, picking a Mazda vehicle nowadays is a great choice, Mazda lineup offers so many various vehicles that are all stylish, high-end exterior and interior quality with amazing handling and driving enjoyment.

Special thank you to Mazda Canada for providing me with this awesome 2024 MX-5 Soft Top for the week! I am sure I will miss this convertible very quickly.

Click here to learn more about the various trims of the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Soft Top.



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