369 Shanghai Dim Sum – 三六九上海小吃

369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

Sweet & Sour Soup with chilli oil on top (large)

Finding restaurants in Toronto that serves good and tasty Shanghainese cuisine seems quite difficult. Shanghainese cuisine ranges from tasty dim sum and noodles to other signature dishes. There are some Shanghainese restos that serves fine dining dishes that charges high prices. But for me, the authentic street food items at relatively cheaper prices are the jewels. 369 Shanghai Dim Sum is a place that I highly recommend. Good traditional food at reasonable price. Many dishes taste great and every time we order, the food items are very consistent.

369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

“Little Dragon” bao (aka steam pork dumplings). So good, we ordered 2 orders. Check out the steam!

The best part? 369 Shanghai Dim Sum has excellent servers who are polite, courteous and provide excellent customer service. As we all know, it’s not easy to find professional and great customer service from servers from many Chinese restaurants. The servers from 369 Shanghai Dim Sum also speak fluent English, which means, non-Asian people will not have any worries about ordering food or asking questions.

369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

Pan fried pork dumplings

In fact, today when we were there at the restaurant, we saw a young non-Asian couple probed one of the staff for food recommendations. As it turned out, they were indulging unique traditional food items that were recommended by the staff. I think it’s KEY to have staff that knows their products well as well as being able to introduce and communicate the food items that they think the customers would want. This often not a case in other Chinese restaurants when language is a barrier and the customers rather play safe and stick with what they know best, which is chicken fried rice, spring rolls and chicken balls instead of having the opportunity to explore other food items that they never tried before.

369 is my recommended place for Shanghainese cuisine. It is located in the Peachtree Centre Plaza, right between Hwy 7 and New Kennedy Road.

369 Shanghai Restaurant
Peachtree Centre (旺角廣場)
8380 Kennedy Rd c8,
Unionville, ON
L3R 2N9
(905) 305-7713

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369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

Shanghai thick stir fry noodles

369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

Spicy braised beef with Shanghai soup noodles

369 Shanghai Dim Sum - 三六九上海小吃

Tender chicken with Shanghai pok choy with angel hair thin noodles in creamy soup


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