À Toi – A Speakeasy Bar That Is Proper & Did It Right – Toronto, Canada


Ok, just to be clear, I didn’t dine or drink here at the Coffee Oysters Champagne, coz for this occasion, I wasn’t coming here for coffee or oysters or champagne, although all 3 are one of my favourite items, I was here with my buddies to check out the Speakeasy bar called “À Toi” that is located right behind Coffee Oysters Champagne. That’s the route to get to À Toi. Now, the policy for À Toi is not to take any photos of the bar, the decor, the area. The ONLY place I can take a photo is the “Merry-Go-Around” in the gender neutral washroom at the back.

That’s coz À Toi wants to maintain the secrecy of the Speakeasy style, so that everyone, especially those who have never been to this bar before will remain surprise and enjoy the overall experience. And let me tell you, I luv Speakeasy bars and I have been to many, unfortunately, I found many SpeakEasy bars around the world, many of them just did a half-ass job. But not at À Toi, it’s nicely done, it’s legit and they did the “Speakeasy” theme right.

NOTE: The house rule at À Toi is that you can’t take photos of what’s happening inside the Speakeasy bar. No pictures of the bar, the drinks, the people, the scene, the only place you can take a photo is the washroom. PLEASE respect the house rule.

The mixologists know how to create proper cocktails. The staff are very knowledgeable with their products. They know exactly how to describe each cocktails and they would be able to recommend you with their specialty drinks based on your preference, whether you like sweet, anything with egg white, etc.

We really enjoyed our experience at À Toi and we will definitely come back again. This is a perfect spot to chill with your friends or go on a date night. À Toi is a Speakeasy bar that Is proper & did it right.

PS – Please obey À Toi’s rules by not taking selfies or photos of the bar. Let’s maintain the secrecy so everyone can enjoy the surprise!

À Toi (Speakeasy located right behind the Coffee Oysters Champagne)
Address: 214 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3S6
Phone: (416) 408-4044


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