Alex Rodriguez Announces His Retirement, will play final game on Friday, August 12th

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez announces his retirement at the Yankees Press Conference (Photo: Kathy Willens/AP)

This Sunday morning, the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez (aka ARod) held a press conference to inform the media and the MLB fans that Yankees Alex Rodriguez will play his final MLB game this coming Friday, August 12th against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. After that, he will be a special adviser for the NY Yankees.

Before the press conference, there are a lot of speculations as to whether ARod will be released by the Yankees or will retire at the end of the season. Some speculate that ARod may want to play for another contending team. Or perhaps retiring at the end of the season.

I am not shock he is retiring but is surprised that he will play his final game this quickly. I guess that’s because he knows the team is opting to play the youngsters for the rest of the remaining season, so there is no point to be sitting on the bench for the rest of the remaining season.

Some may be scratching their heads and wonder why Yankees would want to employ ARod to be a special adviser. My personal theory is that there is still a year of ARod’s salary left for 2017 at $21 million. They may as well make an excuse and makes it sounds good for both parties as a way to give ARod a ladder to exit his playing career on a good note.

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