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My first encounter visiting the new restaurant called “America“, located on the 31st floor at Trump Toronto was during TIFF. The film “99 Homes” hosted it’s after-party at this new restaurant, managed by Ink Entertainment and food was managed by Oliver and Bonacini. Both management are well-established companies, so I knew the food and drinks will be top notch.

Welcome to America Restaurant at Trump Hotel 31st Floor. I love the high ceiling and amazing colourful ambience.

But during the 99 Homes after party, it was more just a party, certain drinks and charcuterie board were served to the guests. It was a great night as I got to chat with Lil Jon, Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern. It was more a Hollywood party kind of evening. To really taste the food and wine, I got to make another visit.
So, we did! Two weeks before Christmas, a group of us decided to grab a bottle of red wine and just relax and chill. Safe to say, I am sure I have to make a third trip in the near future to really sit down to give this restaurant a fair assessment with its food dishes. I read an article by a food writer from a publication and gave this restaurant 0 out of 5 for all the wrong reasons. I hope other readers use their own judgement when they go to a restaurant and not fully 100% influenced by other writers. I recalled the comments and the bizarre situations that the writer encountered were “out there”. I would be suspicious of some of the happenings that he claimed would really happened at the America Restaurant. In my fair assessment so far during my two visits, I had not encountered any of the extreme comments that he claimed he had encountered during his visit. Anyway, each individual will experienced differently during each visit.
The moment we arrived at the bottom of the Trump Hotel Toronto, the door men greeted us and opened the door for us. At the grand and luxurious lobby, another staff welcomed us and guided us to the elevator area. Up on to the 31st floor, the hostess greeted us and guided our group to a nice comfy sofa and a table with 3 chairs. This place was chic, modern and grand. The lights were brighter lit than my first visit at the 99 Homes party. But we could still see the candle lights and beautiful light fixtures.
Our server greeted us and asked us what drinks we would like. We told him that we aren’t planning to order any food as it was strictly a stop-gap wine drinking type of evening. That didn’t stop him from providing his top notch service. You know, there were numerous times I been to other restaurants, when you told the server that you just ate and just want a drink, they just couldn’t hold on a smile anymore, thinking you aren’t going to give them a fat cheque and just simply gave you the most pedestrian type of service. You see, I think server sometimes have to see the long-term vision. I may be just grabbing a drink this time around but who knows, maybe I will have a nice meal next time if I like your service.
Actually, what made this a great special evening was the amazing service by the server. He served us our bottle of red wine for 5 of us. He was observant and attended to our table periodically while giving us enough private space to chat and catch up. I think it’s a skill set when a server knows when to provide service and when to give the patrons their space. Not everyone can master that.
As the server came and filled up our glass on a second round, the server asked us if we have any dietary restrictions. We said “no” but we were a bit confused. Like “Why would he asked us that question knowing we didn’t order anything?”. He started placing cutlery and plates and told us “It’s a surprise!”.
A few minutes later, a staff came and dropped off some freshly baked variety of bread. With a butter spread on it, it was delicious. And it was perfect pairing with the wine. So, we thought that was it. No way Jose! More surprise to come!
Our server came out with a big long piece of 2 x 4 wooden board and on top of it sat an artistic food plating of veggie and meat. He explained to us that it was BBQ quail on red cabbages and some special mushrooms. It was a complimentary dish. He said this dish will pair perfectly with the bottle of wine. With such a nice gesture, we ordered a second bottle of red wine to taste out the complimentary food dish.
Amazing plating of the food on a nice 2×4 wooden plank
All-in-all, it was a totally surprise, yet a pleasant evening. Totally didn’t expect such a nice gesture by America Restaurant at Trump Hotel. I would love the restaurant to host me one night so I can really sit down to taste all the food dishes, especially I covered lots of grand openings of restaurants and lounges in Toronto and write food reviews and also talked about new restaurants on my live studio show at Anyhow, first time I didn’t get to taste the food at 99 Homes after-party, didn’t get a chance to have a full dinner meal the second time, it’s time to make more effort the third time around. 
The plating is like a piece of beautiful art. At one point, we didn’t want to ruin it but we really wanted to try out the BBQ quail.
America Restaurant is definitely a hot spot, located right at the heart of the downtown financial district. The bar area and the dining area is beautiful. The VIP area on the second floor can over see the entire restaurant. I love the super high ceiling this venue has to offer. The balcony during summer time is amazing view as well.
Until next time, MoVernie is outta here! Peace!

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America Restaurant at Trump Toronto
325 Bay Street, 31st Floor
Toronto, ON
(416) 637-5550
Beautiful VIP Private Dining Room that overlook the entire America Restaurant (great view!)

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