Andrea Godin & Roger Ortega – Indie Night @ Opera House


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On a Friday night, what’s a good event to go to? My crew & I decided to check out the Indie Night that was held at the Opera House. It was a full lineup of talented artists, performing live on stage. What’s best about this lineup of artists was that, they played different genre of music. It goes from RnB, Hip-Hop to rock music to rapping to pop music and much more, so there was a good variety.

In particular, I came out of my busy schedule to show my support to watch talented Andrea Godin & Roger Ortega showcasing their amazing vocals and their dance choreography, hyping up the place with massive fans cheers.

I met both artists before at an event but didn’t have a chance watch their performances. So, last night was the evening that I could watch them perform live. I must admit, both have amazing vocals and awesome stage presence.

Andrea, her music consists of fast dancing music along with very emotional and touching slow jam, which I really like. I really enjoyed her slow songs because it really showcased her broad vocal range and also it showcased her passion into the song and you could feel that.


Roger, such an amazing entertainer, hyping up the crowd with a lucky fan got to get up on the stage and do a selfie video with Roger. Lucky fan! I enjoyed Roger doing a cover on Nick Jonas “Chains”, what a beautiful piece and along with the sensual choreography with the dancer, they heated up the building BIG TIME!


Click here to check out Andrea Godin‘s bios and songs.

Click here to check out Roger Ortega‘s page.

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