Arcadian Court – Great Venue for Private Functions/Parties

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Cheers to a great holiday party!

In the past years, I had attended numerous events that were hosted at the Arcadian Court. Arcadian Court is located on the 8th floor of the iconic Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue stores at the Bay and Queen Street West intersection. Most of the time, the events that I attended were open bar along with hors d’oeuvres. This past Friday, my company’s holiday party was held at the Arcadian Court for the first time. Our past holiday parties were held at various hot spots around the downtown core. After a few years, we switched to other venues to keep things exciting and fresh. This was the first time that I had a sit-down full meal dinner at the Arcadian Court. I know the food at the Arcadian Court are being catered by the well-known Oliver Bonacini team, so I know the food would be in good quality.

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Fried potato with scallops, my favourite hors d’oeuvres of the evening

We first went to the upper level of the reception area to grab some cocktails and let me tell you, there were tons of hors d’oeuvres being served wave after wave by the friendly staff. The food were delicious. From chicken skewers, spring rolls, fried potato with scallop to mac n cheese croquette, they were all nicely heated and served straight from the kitchen. Cocktails were generously poured and nicely mixed by the mixologists. My favourite drink of the evening was the lychee cocktail, so fruity and smooth!

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Lychee specialty cocktail

After an hour and a half of mix and mingle with our colleagues, we moved down to main dining area. I really enjoyed the layout of the Arcadian Court. High ceiling, with the upper level over looking down at the main dinning room with the dance floor.

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

High ceiling, multi-level Arcadian Court

Special shoutout to the O&B staff, they were hardworking all night. The attention to details were top notch, always topping up our wine and iced water. When the entree came out for each table (10 people per table), the whole crew brought out the dishes and timed it at the same time and presented the dishes to our table. Best yet? They presented the right food item to each person without making a mistake! That’s impressive!

I ordered the braised beef short ribs and it was on-point. I was quite impressed that despite serving over hundreds of people, the beef short ribs still very tender and nicely cooked. Many other places that I been to, the beef was usually dried and hard to chew. Not at Arcadian Court, the O&B team delivered, which means they are capable of serving high quality of food with a large groups of people.

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Boneless braised beef short ribs, served with mushrooms, mashed potatoes

Thank you to Arcadian Court and the O&B team for bringing their “A” game to make our company’s holiday party a memorable and a pleasant one. And of course, thanks to our event team from our company for coordinating and planning for such a great holiday party! Thank you!

If you are an event planner, wedding planner or corporate private function planner, I highly recommend Arcadian Court. Great venue with beautiful decor, good location in the downtown core, tasty culinary food selections by the O&B team, it’s a perfect match!

Arcadian Court
401 Bay Street
Simpson Tower, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 2Y4
Driving Directions

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Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Iceberg & cucumber salad. I luv the freshly made crispy chips

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Lemon roasted fish with white beans, artichoke and broccolini

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Chicken supreme with new potatoe, spinach and grilled zucchini

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

1) Lemon cheesecake with dark chocolate pearls; 2) Dulce de Leche with white chocolate beignet and 3) Flourless chocolate cake with Mascarpone and Espresso

Arcadian Court - Oliver Bonacini

Happy holidays to everybody!


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