Argos 100th Grey Cup Parade Celebrations


Ok, the Argos e-newsletter indicated the route of the parade ahead of time. It said that the parade began from Yonge/Wellington at 11:30 am. So, I figured I can go at noon during my lunch time and watch the parade near Bay/Adelaide.

When I was at the intersection, I realized there were spectators, but I could still manage to stand on the front row of the street, full view of the parade. But guess what? I didn’t get to see the entire parade. That’s because I was too late. There were only two trucks left in the parade, there was Chad Owens and some dude hoisting the Grey Cup from another pickup truck. Apparently, the parade was short. So short and fast that the parade was almost done by the time I got to the intersection. I guess I over-estimated the size of the crowd and the length of the parade. lol.

Anyhow, the Argos fans and the energy were great. Everyone had a great time. It’s sad that Toronto is one the largest cities having so many sports teams, yet their records are so bad.

As I followed the crowd, we marched to the Nathan Phillips Square, where the players’ introductions; speeches, celebrations were held. I utilized the opportunity to walk on the streets that was blocked by the po-po for the parade. Hey, you don’t get to walk on the street so freely without worry being rolled over, so I got one shot to make it work!

As I arrived at the venue, there were a decent size of Argos fans, but yeah, I waited a bit and all I saw were Argos Dance Pak and I didn’t even hear any MC saying anything to the crowd. As I was in the crowd with my friends, an Argonote member spotted me and said he is a big fan of my show. So, we took a photo. I appreciate people recognition.

I decided to go for lunch and call it a day. Apparently, Steve Buffery from the Toronto Sun told me that the celebrations didn’t start until 45 minutes later. Thank god, I made the right move to have a good relaxing lunch than standing outside in the cold.

Check out some of the Argos Celebration photos that I took.

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