Assembly Chef’s Hall – Toronto (Financial District) – Now Open (Soft Opening)


Did you hear about the Assembly Chef’s Hall is now open (soft opening)? It’s a very unique concept that is happening at the financial district downtown Toronto. Basically, this Chef’s Hall will be the first of its kind with 18,000 square feet of space, combining amazing chefs together to serve and provide amazing food to the masses.

This Chef’s Hall had been causing lots of buzz for a while now but as we all know, a big space like this requires patience and time to get it altogether. It’s located at 111 Richmond Street West, which basically located north of First Canadian Place (FCP). I took a stroll at the Chef’s Hall, some vendors have already open for business with some others are still having some last minute finishing touches. But soon, by January 2018, all 17 vendors should be ready for everyone to kick off the new year with top quality of food and beverages.

Tables and chairs are still being installed as we speak but if you don’t mind it, you are welcome to check out the space and order food and drinks from vendors which are already open for business.

Assembly Chef’s Hall – Toronto
111 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 3K6
(647) 557-5993

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Instagram: @EatAssembly
Facebook: @EatAssembly



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