Authentic Vietnamese Food


To be honest, I don’t know much about Vietnamese food, most of the time, after a clubbing night, I found Pho (vietnamese beef soup noodle) to be my #1 comfort food. All I know to order is pho, spring rolls and mango slushy.

Today, for the very first time, courtesy of great hospitality by the Troung family, they brought us to a very authentic vietnamese restaurant. I told them to choose food that they think we would like, as well as food items that I normally wouldn’t know how to order.

Raw Beef put in the boiling pot

It sure open my eyes tonight with all the amazing food. I love any dishes that requires the use of boiling pot. To my amazement, every food dish that they ordered opened my eyes and taste buds.

Garlic, honey, fish sauce chicken wings

The boiling bowl of water was used to soften the dry rice paper. The hot pot of water was used to cook the raw beef. The ingredients such as bean sprouts, cucumbers, mung (soft rice noodles), various mint leaves, lettuce, carrots and the lovely, addicted fish sauce were used to make rice paper roll, that was delish. To top it off with authentic, garlic, fish sauce & honey chicken wings and a jackfruit slushy? That’s heaven! It’s the first time I had a jackfruit slushy.

Jack Fruit Slushy in a real cool jar

Nothing excites me more than trying new food items, again, thanks to the Troung family’s hospitality for the treat. Be sure to show your support by buying tickets to the 2013 Beat Down Dance competition which the Troung Family’s is organizing it with special guests judges and tons of talented dancers, competing for the next dance crew champion. Check it out at

Check out the Yummy photos and MoVernie is outta of here!

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