Barista Factory x Salzillo Tea & Coffee Shop – Vigo, Spain



As one of the places the Royal Caribbean “Independence of the Seas” Cruise docked, we were sightseeing around in Vigo, Spain. We happened to walk by a coffee shop called “Barista Factory“. It had a side window that sells freshly brewed coffee and tea from the Salzillo brand. And then there was also a main entrance where we could walk inside. It turned out to be a coffee store that not only sell freshly brewed coffee or tea but also sell coffee ceramic cups and plates. Furthermore, it sells coffee beans and they will grind it on the spot for you. Lots of interesting coffee equipment and tools for coffee lovers can be found at this store.

As I walked further inside the store, there was also a room filled with tables and lecture chairs. It looked like a room where coffee/tea experts host a coffee/tea seminar to teach people more about coffee/tea or perhaps, wanted to become good baristas.

As I decided to do some more research (upon my return back in Canada) on Barista Factory, this is what it says on its website:

Barista Factory - Vigo, Spain

(Photo Credit) Barista Factory

I was attracted by the tall and large bay windows and doors that allow you to see outside of the building, leading all the way to the shore water. It’s calm and peaceful.

As I came back to Canada and started to do some research. Salzillo is a tea and coffee brand that sells a wide variety of coffees from all over the world (Colombia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Blue Mountain Jamaica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Caracolillo Moka, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Cuba, Costa Rica, etc. .) As well as tea and fruit infusions from the best gardens of China, India, Ceylon, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, etc.

Apparently, Salzillo is a well-known brand in Spain, so there are lots of locations that you could visit at various locations across Spain. If you are a coffee/tea lover, highly recommend you to taste some Solzillo beverages or perhaps bring some coffee beans and tea back home.

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