(Beta Testing Stage) Ramen Kit from Ramen Isshin – Toronto, Canada


DISCLAIMER: The Ramen Isshin Ramen Kit is in the beta testing stage. The photos and the packaging of my ramen kit during beta testing may alter or different from the final products of the ramen kit when it’s available for the public. Please kindly keep this in mind.

Everyone knows how much I luv to eat! When it comes to Japanese ramen, my favourite ramen restaurant is Ramen Isshin. Depending on which publications or blogs you read, Ramen Isshin is voted top 5 in Toronto, Canada. In particular, I am super loyal to its “White Sesame Shio”, the creamy broth, the white sesame and all the fresh and delicious toppings and ingredients made it a perfect ramen for me.

Recently, Ramen Isshin reached out and told me that they are in the final stages of preparing its own “Ramen Kit” and wanted me to give me some to test and taste them out and asked me to provide them with feedback. This tasting is pretty much like a “Beta Testing“. I gladly took on the challenge to give the Ramen Isshin Ramen Kits a try.

MoVernie Fun Fact: Ramen Kit is a meal kit that packages all the ingredients you need to cook the meal at home.

One of the Ramen Isshin owners, Jason drove over and dropped off the ramen kits for me. I definitely like to thank Jason for taking his time to drive over and did a curbside drop off. I got 2 ramen kits. The first one was my favourite “White Sesame Shio” and the second one is “Shoyu with garlic”. Each package had slightly different toppings but pretty much similar so I did have to pay attention to identify which one was which since I am going to provide Ramen Isshin with my feedback.

Each Ramen Isshin Kit consists of the following items:

– 1 big clear plastic vape seal bag that consists of a bunch of smaller clear plastic vape seal bags that store the ramen, toppings, broth and other items.
– Also a white envelope sleeve to hold the grain of white sesame or seaweed (depending on the bowl of ramen that they provided to me)
– a bag of broth
– toppings (for white sesame shio, that includes 2 slices of pork, green onions, black fungus, bamboo shoots, half boiled egg)
– a bag of ramen
– instructional menu that shows us how to cook the ramen properly as well as the tools that requires for the cooking

In summary, I had provided my honest feedback to Ramen Isshin during this beta testing of the new ramen kit. My feedback covers the packaging, the instructional menu, the time it takes to cook the ramen, the taste and flavour of the ramen and other factors. I won’t share with my audience here as it’s confidential.

MoVernie TIPS: Scroll down below of the BLOG to check out the photos of my preparation of the ramen kit at home.

But what I can tell you is that…….I really enjoyed both ramen kits that I got. Honestly, the flavour, the taste and the overall experience was enjoyable. The final product of the ramen kit was pretty close to the taste that I would experience when dining at the restaurant. Ingredients were fresh and I think the KEY was the ramen, if you follow the instructional menu correctly and boil the ramen at the right temperature and timing, the ramen was as fresh as eating at the restaurant.

Many of my audience knows that I don’t cook often at home but eating out most of the time. I can tell you preparing the ramen kit was pretty easy task. It wasn’t too difficult and took a short period of time to prepare everything and then indulge the ramen. So, if I can do it, so can you! LOL

Overall, I enjoyed the ramen kit from Ramen Isshin. It has tons of potential and I strongly feel there will be a demand for the ramen kit. Especially during this COVID-19 crisis, many of us are staying at home and eating at home, ramen kits will be a welcome concept. If we can order these ramen kits online and they can deliver to our home, it would be marvelous and they told me that they will provide delivery options so more people living in different parts of the city can enjoy these delicious ramen kits.

As far as I know, Ramen Isshin is currently in the final stage of the ramen kit production. They just need to iron out some minor kinks, finalizing the packaging and how to best preserve and deliver the freshness of the ramen and ingredients to their customers.

Stay tuned here on MoVernie.com as I will update you when these ramen kits will be available for you to purchase online or via pickup. Or you can follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) and Twitter (@MoVernie) for future updates.

The ramen kit was provided by Ramen Isshin. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

Ramen Isshin
Website: www.RamenIsshin.com
Click here to check out its food menu.

After unpack the packages of the ramen kit, insert the broth in a boil of water to pre-heat. This will ensure the ingredients in the broth are in liquid form.

After the pre-heat, insert a bag of the broth into an empty pot. In this case, it’s the broth for the shyou garlic

Let the broth boil.

Untangle the bag of ramen after taking it out of the bag. Moreover, get a 2nd pot and put in some water to boil.

Once the pot of water is boiled, put in the ramen. Based on the instructional menu provided by Ramen Isshin, there are thick and thin ramen. For the shyou garlic ramen, it takes 1.5 minute into the pot. For me, the KEY is the ramen, don’t over cook them, or else they will be soggy.

After cooking the ramen, put it into a bowl large enough to hold the ramen and then put in the toppings. When the hot broth pours into the bowl, the toppings will be heated up for you to indulge.

Ramen Pull Challenge: How far can you pull the ramen before it breaks off?


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