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If you want a snack before heading to a concert or a sports game, I recommend you to go to the BIFF Bistro located on Front Street (across the Sony Arts Centre), it’s part of the Oliver Bonacini franchise and actually located right beside OB.

Every day after 5pm, at the bar area, oyster on a half-shell is $1 each. It’s a great price.

I have learned that there are two major food items on this planet that you either “Love it or Hate it”. And Oysters and Sashimi are two comes to mind that fits that category.

But I am a Oyster & Sashimi lover. The oysters from this BIFF Bistro mainly shipped from the East Coast. I personally prefer Oysters from the West Coast, in particular from Seattle, but for $1, it can’t go wrong. The oyster is small but the small ones are usually the juicier ones. It was fresh and I know some people will flush the seawater out of the oyster after they shuck it at home or just left the water on the shell. The seawater is actually the jewel. When you intake the oyster, make sure you intake the fresh seawater as well. Some would prefer to dip it with lemon juice, the horse radish or the tabasco sauce. I personally like it with nothing, but straight up eating it, it’s the best taste ever!

Imagine grabbing a pint of ice cold and order a dozen of oysters? Now, that’s C’est La Vie.

Check the BIFF Bistro website often to check for update information, click here.

Photo: 2 dozens of oysters. For this outing, they let me order the $1 oyster special in the dinning area even though normally it’s only available at the bar area ONLY. So, you should try and enquire regardless.


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