Big Blunder at the Oscars 2017 – Best Picture Goes to the Wrong Film With a Big Messed Up (The Academy)

Oscars 2017 - La La Land & Moonlight - Best Picture

(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter – Getty Images)

In case you just woke up, or you are just not interested in following the Oscars or maybe you are just living in a cave, The Academy had made an unprecedented blunder yesterday night, it’s the biggest messed up in Academy history.

The entire show went so well until the last award, the biggest award at the Oscars, which was the “Best Picture” (aka Best Film) award. The La La Land was announced the winner, the entire crew went on the stage to make their thank you speeches and accepting the awards, only half-way through to be notified that the real winner was Moonlight.

The three credited producers for La La Land were almost finishing through their thank you speeches — until, the 3rd producer, Fred Berger, was in the middle of speaking, got interrupted, when producer Jordan Horowitz was forced to take the microphone and say the film had lost to Moonlight.

Apparently, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope. It showed the name of La La Land’s Emma Stone in the card, who had won Best Actress moments prior to this fiasco.

It was such an embarrassment. I was shocked, even by watching it on TV. But honestly, as the 2nd producer was making his thank you speech, I could see 2 staff members were walking around the stage, grabbing a number of red envelopes held by a number of people. At that moment, I realized something was wrong.

Immediately, I thought of Steve Harvey, who infamously announced the wrong Miss Universe as the winner. I guess, Steve Harvey is thankful that he is off the hook that another big event such as the Oscar had outdone him with a bigger blunder on the world’s biggest stage.

However, despite the Oscar blunder, I got to tip my hat to the La La Land Crew. They showed class & sportsmanship by holding their disappointments and proudly presented the awards to the Moonlight crew.

It’s not easy to do.

Dear the Academy, you got one job and you still messed up. I hope this is not another gimmick to raise ratings or buzz in the social media at the expense of the nominees.

Oscars 2017 - La La Land & Moonlight - Best Picture

(Photo Credit: La La Land)

Oscars 2017 - La La Land & Moonlight - Best Picture

(Photo Credit: Moonlight)


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