Big Love Ball – Art Installation – Brookfield Place – Toronto, Canada


This morning I walked by the Brookfield Place, on my way to go to work. From a far, I could see a bunch of big white balls. I was curious. What is it? I had a feeling that it is an art installation. My curiosity persuaded me to have a look.

It’s a bunch of big white balls with the word “LOVE” in black font on every ball. Now, every ball positioned in an unique way. When I saw it, I was amazed. It’s a nice and simple installations, yet, it’s artistic, it’s fun to take a photo, Social Media worthy. Just a simple word gave me a smile and head to work on a positive note.

As I posted a photo on my Instagram, I started to search for photos posted by others and I happened to came across the “BigLoveBall” handle. Apparently, this art installation has a name and I never knew that.

Big Love Ball has its own website and based on the description, Big Love Ball is “an artistic strategy with the optimistic mission to include and uplift humanity. A moment. A movement. A monument. Big Love Ball is conceptual art with a function. Shared with one or seven billion, Big Love Ball delivers the single most important message to humankind.

I appreciate the message and I luv the installation.

I don’t know how long this art installation is going to be on display at the Brookfield Place, but I would think it should be there for a few more days.

Make sure to follow the Big Love Ball website to find out where it is going to head next, it seems to me that this is a global movement.

Brookfield Place
Address: 181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 2T3
Phone: 416.777.6480



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