Birroteca Craft Beer Brewery – Eataly Toronto – Canada


The moment when a friendly staff told us that there is a craft beer brewery, I was super excited. I luv beer and beer is my dessert! LOL.

I like the look of the craft beer brewery, you can see the barrel, the keg and a list of various beers that you can buy and bring them home or you can stay around and there are sitting areas around the counter or another section with table and chairs, whichever you prefer. The bar is called “Birroteca”, which Eataly Toronto has partnered with Indie Ale House, which is they have their own brewery location in the Junction area. Quite honestly, I was hoping an Italian brewery is making its way to Eataly Toronto and brew their own Italian style of beer. Nevertheless, Indie Ale House is a great local established craft beer brewery. I had dine and drink its beer flights at its junction location before. So, they are good craft beer. In fact, they are featuring several custom beers that are ONLY available at Eataly Toronto. Now, that’s exclusive and every reason you should come and taste the beer yourself. The friendly staff recommended us with the Italian pilsner and we enjoyed his recommendation. It’s refreshing and very easy to drink.

All-in-all, my 1st visit at Eataly Toronto is a positive one. Every staff is super friendly and the service is helpful. I was impressed how well every station operates and they seem to know what they are doing and run quite smoothly overall. Mind you, remember, although these staff possibly get tons of training a few weeks prior, there are still room for them to make adjustments, pace and time everything better, there maybe hiccups or getting used to the system and operations, so I suggest everyone to be patient and be considerate when things may not be 100% perfect. We are all humans after all and we should know it will take a new restaurant or new grocery time sometime to iron the kinks.

I think I am in luv with Eataly Toronto that I will visit this place very often, to the point I maybe addicted to this place. Whenever I am going to events around the Yorkville area, I think I will definitely swing by Eatatly Toronto to eat and wine and buy some goodies before heading home.

The Yorkville area will now be super lively with grocery stores and I think there will be a BIG 3 grocery war in this area. There is the Pusateris and McEwan and now with Eataly Toronto, there will be a big fight. But I am sorry to say, Eataly Toronto is my choice and this is a honest feedback. I just love the authentic Italian layout, the vibe, the fresh ingredients, the spacious space and the pasta bar will be my favouite spot to dine and wine. I think Pusateris will be the store that will be in a very tough situation to compete coz of its small narrow shopping space and the lack of variety of choices. But we will see how the battle of the high-end grocery stores is going to play out.

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Eataly Toronto
Address: Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W 1A6



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