Blue Jays Signing of Travis Shaw Brings Upside – It’s a Good Deal!


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As seen from the tweet by Ben Nicholson-Smith, the Toronto Blue Jays sign Travis Shaw for a 1-year deal worth $4M. I like this deal. Lots of upside for this signing.

Despite one bad season last year, Travis Shaw shows promise and potential in 2017 and 2018 by smashing 30+ home runs in both consecutive seasons. That’s not bad. Every player goes through a phase where they can’t produce, but Travis Shaw has plenty of upside to reconnect with his power stroke and be great again.

Moreover, he can play multiple of infield positions. He can play 3rd base, 1st base, which is perfect if Vladdy needs a day off at 3rd base or if the Jays can’t find another starting 1st baseman, Shaw will work at 1st base. Lots of options, lots of flexibility.

A $4M deal is worth every gamble. I like it! What are your thoughts about the Jays signing Travis Shaw? Love to hear from you.


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