BMW 7 Series – Touring the Tarmac at Toronto Pearson Airport (Terminal 1)


Before heading inside to explore the all-new Air Canada Signature Suite, let’s take a pic with the friendly security guard and the luxurious BMW 7 Series ride.

During the unveil of the Air Canada all-new Signature Suite Launch event, I got a chance to ride into the luxurious BMW 7-series sedan, it’s the 750iL to be exact. In fact, we were sitting on the backseat and we were touring around the tarmac at the Toronto Pearson Airport, which was quite an exclusive experience. I mean, how often do you get an opportunity to ride in a passenger car around the busy airport?

BMW Canada provided a number of luxurious 7 Series sedans to bring VIP guests from the Terminal 1 gate to the Air Canada Signature Suite area. It was a very well-thought itinerary and rid’in in the 7 Series definitely added the overall premium experience.

Since the drive on the tarmac was relatively short (it was about a 7-8 minute ride), so I don’t really get to know everything that this luxurious sedan offers. However, the chauffeur did showcased how awesome the audio system was inside the 750iL. And he showed us how easy to change channels or the audio volume of the sedan by just waving his hand.

Sitting at the back seats, there were tons of leg room, armrest in the middle and a flat digital control panel to control everything at the back. I also like the colour strips along the entire vehicle, the driver can changes the colour from blue to purple and to other funky colours. When the radio was playing EDM music with colour strips, I felt like I was literally at the EDM concert. I hope some day, there could a EDM concert at the airport? That would be DOPE!

Special thanks to BMW Canada for the cool 750iL ride and for being part of the Air Canada Signature Suite sneak peek experience.

The Air Canada Signature Suite is now open at Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Airport to Air Canada international business customers. Check out my MoVernie BLOG on my sneak peek experience.

More more INFO about the BMW 7 Series, click here.

This tarmac chauffeur private tour was provided by Air Canada and BMW Canada. As always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

In case you wonder, why was there security inside the car, that’s coz we are inside the airport and for all types of safety reasons, the security guard has to accompany us where ever we go until other ground staff are with us, this is for the safety for every person who works and travel at the airport. I actually was amazed and impressed and feel safe with all the security checkpoints and personnel checks to ensure the safety standards are at its highest.

Ambience strips that changes colours based on our preference inside this BMW 750iL luxurious sedan.

Lots of high tech gadgets inside this BMW 750iL and the technology stretches at the central area at the back seats.

Now, the ambience strips turns purple and surround the entire inside cabin.

Touring around the tarmac of the Pearson Airport inside this BMW 7 Series was quite a cool experience. Thanks BMW Canada!



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