Boom Box Frozen Pops and Ice Cream – Lake Charles, Louisiana


First of all, I luv the name “Boom Box”, it’s funky and cool. I was amazed to learn Lake Charles have such a cool spot for some creative in-house made frozen pops and ice cream. They also have cool creative names for their pops and ice cream as well as using some unique ingredients in them.

The store has a nice narrow space, along the wall showcased some old 80s records, vinyl, artwork, and the pac man arcade makes it more fun as well.

I have to say, I have travelled to many places, and I have yet to have a popsicle that has a gummy worm in it.

Try the gummy worm pops here, it’s quite an interesting taste and experience. It also has lots of cool ice cream flavour, including the lavender, the king cake and so many more. Remember to check out its merchandize, I really like the graphic tees that they have designed.

More importantly, I checked their website, they even provide services for customers who are hosting a party or a corporate event. Depending on the level of service the customers purchase, Boombox can drop off 100s of pops in a fridge for your party or they have a popup cart or truck with a staff helping you serve your guests with their treats. That’s some innovative services.

Highly recommend you to checkout this spot when you visit Lake Charles.

BoomBox Frozen Pops and Ice Cream
Address: 104 W Pujo St, Lake Charles, LA 70601, United States
Phone: +1 888-978-7677


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