Boshkung Social – Minden, Ontario, Canada [CRAFT BEER SERIES]


Boshkung Brewing is a local craft beer located beside the Boshkung Lake. This brewery offers a variety of tasty beer. In fact, they have won awards for some of its beer flavour, including the “North Country Kellerbier” & “Campfire Smoked Rye Ale” and I can co firm they are tasty and top quality beers.

Due to its popularity, the brewery decided to open up a 2nd location a few years ago and it’s called the “Boshkung Social”, located right beside the riverwalk. This 2nd location is located in the town of Minden, which is about a 15-minute drive from the brewery. At this Boshkung Social, there is a patio outdoor area. During our visit, the local municipal guideline allows a maximum of 6 people sit-in the area. We picked a nice table and ordered the beer flights. At the same time, we bought a grower and bought a bunch of different flavours of Boshkung beer to bring back to the cottage to drink.

As always, shop local! Support local! Drink local!


For more INFO to its 1st location, the Boshkung Brewing, please click here.

Boshkung Social – Minden, Ontario, Canada
Address: 9201 HWY 118, Carnarvon, ON, K0M 1J2
Phone: 705-489-4554


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