Botika Restaurant – San Antonio, Texas


Botika Restaurant - San Antonio, Texas

Before this Food Tourism Trip, Botika, a stylish restaurant serving Peruvian-Asian fusion plates paired with traditional cocktails. This type of cuisine caught my eye coz there isn’t many Peruvian-Asian cuisine in Toronto, Canada.

I am interested to taste Peruvian-Asian food cuisine & its Asian Fusion creation. So this Food Tourism Press Trip in San Antonio is the perfect opportunity.

Botika Restaurant - San Antonio, Texas
My 1st time tasting yucca, it’s a root vegetable that has similar to potato.

Botika Restaurant - San Antonio, Texas
Although I must admit every single dish made by Chef Lopez is delicious. This Char Siu ribs, pork ribs that are grilled & braised, mixed in ginger, soy & sweet sauce. The sesame sprinkled on top added that awesome texture & visual. Great portion, juicy ribs & sauce not overpowering. A top dish that is a MUST ORDER.

Botika Restaurant - San Antonio, Texas
This “Green” fried rice amazes me very much. It has a nice presentation. It looks green & healthy & very inviting. It comes with vegetable ingredient such as crispy tofu, broccoli, bok choy; edamame; kale & green onions. Interesting combo but works out super nicely. $10 for this dish is also a good deal as well.

Botika Restaurant - San Antonio, Texas
This salmon poke has amazing taste. And I told Chef Lopez that this is a perfect dish with perfect use of ingredients. Many places uses root chips or other taco chips but those chips are too thin to hold any of the poke. Chef Lopez is smart enough to use shrimp chips, not only its unique. Shrimp chips are tasty & also can withhold the poke and keeping it intact for each bite. I luv seaweed salad, avocado & salmon poke with sesame.

If you are visiting San Antonio, Texas, it is having a “Culinary Explosion”, the culinary skills by many of these chefs are top notch. I highly recommend you to visit Botika during your stay in San Antonio.

Botika Restaurant
Address: The Pearl, 303 Pearl Pkwy #111, San Antonio, TX 78215, USA
Phone: +1 210-670-7684
Twitter: @BotikaPearl
Instagram: @BotikaPearl
Facebook: @BotikaRestaurant


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