Bright Future Ahead for Canadian Tennis Player Bianca Andreescu


Bianca Andresscu is only 19 years old and she had already captured 2 big tennis victories (Indian Wells Masters & Rogers Cup). This is a feel good story for Bianca and what a year in 2019 so far for her.

In my opinion, Bianca is not just a talented tennis player with skills. She is also a great person and a role model for people who look up to her. She is genuine, fun loving, easy going, down-to-earth individual. For example, when Serena could no longer continue to play the Rogers Cup, Bianca stood up, went over to Serena, chatted her up to make her laugh, console her, try to relate her own injuries with Serena and gave her a big hug.

I don’t know how many people could do that. I don’t even know if I could react that quickly by going over to check if Serena is alright. Some may just sit at her own chair and just do nothing. Heading over to a tearing Serena and started up a heartwarming chat with Serena isn’t easy either, but Bianca did it.

Bianca also showed her appreciation of winning when she had to battle her own injuries. She worked hard. She is also very comfy in front of the camera. She also thanked the sponsors, brands, WTA and Rogers organizers and thanking the officials, staffs, ball boys/girls and volunteers. You could tell she is very genuine but at the same time, very smart and marketable understanding the importance of making sponsors and brands happy.

Bianca is not a 1-hit wonder like many other players who came on the scene before her. I think if Bianca continues to work hard and further master her game, she will be a tennis star for many years to come. Let’s hope she doesn’t get snobby, jaded or taking things for granted. She also have strong mental toughness. You can’t teach someone mental toughness, they to show that they want it! They are hungry! And last but not least, let’s hope she has better training program and team to monitor her body as at only 19 years of age, she shouldn’t be battling so many injuries. Her tennis career will depends on how long she can keep herself healthy on the court.

But watch out! Bianca is the REAL DEAL! She has arrived and she is here to stay for a very long time.


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