Buick Canada Interviewed my Klout Perks & Buick Encore Experiences


A few months back, Klout Perks offered me a chance to test drive the 2013 Buick Encore for a few days. I had a wonderful experience with the Buick Encore. Yesterday, a video crew from Buick Canada conducted a professional interview with me, asking about my Klout Perks experience as well as my impression of the Buick Encore after I test drove the vehicle for a few days.

So…I decided to go to my personal hairstylist so he could style my hair (Peter, thanks for your sponsorship). I dressed up nicely for this video interview. Luckily, the weather was nice and sunny. Richard and Mike were the two nice gentleman who conducted this entire video taping.

Firstly, they had to pick a good location, where it had a nice background, along with a nice & quiet spot so that we would be focus and avoid all traffics around us. We finally found a nice spot. Mike set up the camera and tripod stations while Richard professionally explained the procedures of how this interview was being done.

We did two parts of the interview. The first part was having me stood outside of the Buick Encore and the second part was conducted inside the Buick Encore. Questions were straight forward and mainly allowing me to express the features that I like in the vehicle and my perception of the brand and how I felt about Klout Perks.

I am used to interviewing other celebrities and artists, so it’s great once-in-a-while to be interviewed by other people. Nice meeting Richard and Mike and I had a wonderful time spending with the crew.

I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s always nice to see how the video editor collect all the footage and the type of theme/direction they like to create in the end product!

I know my followers are anxious to see the end product, I will keep you guys posted! Stay tuned!

Thank you Klout Perks and Buick Canada for the interview experience!



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