(By Day) “Kringlewood” Inflated Giant Santa Claus – Inglewood Drive – Ontario, Canada


Have you heard of this famous neighbourhood called “Kringlewood”? This is a group of residents who lives in Toronto, Canada and have decided to work together and decorate their streets with over 60+ giant inflatable Santa Claus that are placed on the lawn of almost every single house along the street of Inglewood Drive and Mount Pleasant Road.

It’s quite a sight to see as you drive through every single household and admiring the giant inflated Santa Claus. And the best part? It’s FREE!

We went there during the day and also during the night just to see if there is any difference. Indeed, we feel there is a difference and different vibes during day & night. Although day & night are both pretty cool experience, I personally prefer going during the day for the following reasons.


  • It’s easier to take photos during the day than during the evening, but with my Huawei P40 Pro that can take amazing photos and videos with its “Night Mode” feature, I am fine either way.
  • Each resident has very beautiful house style, design and architectures that it’s easier to admire when you are taking a nice walk during the day.
  • Safety wise, it’s also easier for drivers to see you walking along the streets and just easier for everyone to spot each other on the road.
  • I also noticed that some of these giant inflatable Santa Claus don’t always glow brightly, some of them either don’t have lights dim on them or the lights were very fainted, so when taking photos, it’s a bit difficult to take a whole row of Santas with bright lights on them. So, your photos may come out having some Santas being LIT and some don’t.

MoVernie TIP:

  • First do a drive by with your vehicle and enter on the Mount Pleasant Road/Inglewood Drive intersection.
  • Drive slowly as you want to admire the giant Santa Claus display. Drive all the way down the Inglewood Drive street and it will loop you back to a different street, but you can always drive back to Inglewood Drive for a 2nd or 3rd round of drive by experience. Driving East or West directions on the same Inglewood Drive will give you a different perspective.
  • Beware of parked cars along the street, don’t smash into them!
  • Watch out for pedestrian as they may cross the road. Safety first for everyone!
  • After you have finished your drive by experience. I recommend you to park your vehicle and take a nice walk along the street (parking on another street is a good idea as it’s more quieter, less traffic and more space to park than the busy Inglewood Drive). It is also good exercise, getting some fresh air and still maintain physical distancing.
  • Check the weather report and dress accordingly. If it’s cold outside and you want to take a walk along the streets, wear a warm jacket, mittens, scarves, toques, etc.
  • Be respectful to the neighbourhood. These people spend their $ to setup these cool giant inflated Santa Claus and they put in their time and effort to bring joy to you. Don’t speed along the streets. Don’t park and block the residents. You sure don’t want to make them go mad and they stop the tradition for future Christmas.

NOTE: I noticed some households have a big box to collect food so they can donate to the food banks of their choices. If you have any food that you would like to donate, be sure to bring them along and donate. Let’s help and support each other during this tough pandemic times.

If you would like to check out photos of the Kringlewood by night, click here to check out my other MoVernie BLOG.

Address: Inglewood Drive & Mount Pleasant Road
Month: Every December, it’s a safe bet that they will deck out all of these giant inflatable Santa Claus.


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