Bye Bye 2020! Time To Reflect! – Year In Review


2020 is definitely a shitty year! There is no way to sugarcoat it in any shape or form. Everyone is impacted and affected by it.

But we can only control what we can control and make adjustments and staying strong and positive.

As 2020 is coming to a close, I learned a lot more about myself, I am discipline, I have mental toughness, I will do whatever it takes to keep myself, my loved ones and others safe by doing my part to help stop the spread.

After accepting the reality that I cannot travel internationally and cannot attend Press Trips or VIP Events this year, I shifted gears and created a new travel segment called “Ontario Travel Series”, sharing travel content and my adventures with my followers in a safe and responsible fashion. I maintain physical distancing and avoid high density areas and crowds.

Instead, I explore nature, parks and hiking trails. The Ontario Travel Series is a way for me to stay healthy, get fresh air, exercise and stay logical and rational.

I am thankful that my followers and friends are so supportive and receptive to my initiative and appreciates my content so they learn more about Ontario and getting travel inspiration. It is an unexpected SUCCESS!

Let me tell you how much I have learned and know about the Province of Ontario in a span of just 7 months. I have visited so many places in Ontario than my entire life. I have a buddy who sums it up, “You are the ONLY one that I know who has been travelling and exploring so much this year in our own backyard”.

I would like to thank all the PR Agencies, Brands, Automotive Companies, Tourism, Cottages, Restaurants and other businesses for your support and believing in my initiatives.

I expect to continue to support local businesses, donating to charities, On the MOVE in the New Year of 2021!

Follow my journey and adventures in 2021!

Best wishes to everyone in 2021 and hang in there, we will get thru this together!

Bye Bye 2020!


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