Campbell Soup: The Cantina Pop-Up Shop in Toronto (501 Queen Street West)


MoVernie Question: Does anyone wants free soup, especially during the cold winter? 
I am pretty sure the answer for everyone would be a big “YES”! Free soup becomes a reality when Toronto’s latest pop-up shop, The Cantina by Campbell’s is serving the public free soup from now and until February 21.

Campbell Soup (which I grew up eating since my early childhood days) is having a pop-up shop located at 501 Queen Street West (West of Queen & Spadina intersection). Anyone can go, business hours run from Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. And 11:00 am to 7:00 pm during the weekends.

Chef Matt from Rock Lobster Food has partnered with Campbell Soup. He transformed 4 basic Campbell soup flavour and made it into authentic and gourmet soup. I was impressed how authentic, yet cretaive by Chef Matt who has, for example, turns a tomato soup into something more interesting. Between the hours of 12pm – 1pm and 6pm – 7pm, Chef Matt (@ChefMattDeanPettit) or a member of the Rock Lobster will be teaching visitors tips and tricks on how to recreate the soups.

Visitors will have their choice of four varieties of soups: Thai Chicken & Rice Khao Soi, Creamy Tomato Black Bean Taco, Roasted Beer Can Cream of Chicken and Spicy Vegetarian Ramen. Toppings and garnishes will be available for foodies to enhance and personalize their soup experiences.

Also, as many people know how much I care about charity. Every person who visits the pop up shop, a sticker is given to them to put on the “Donation Wall”. For every sticker that puts on the donation wall, Campbell Soup is donating a can of soup to the Daily Bread Food Bank. The Donation Wall also resembles a Campbell Soup logo, so the company is hoping by end of February 21, they can fill up the art image and donate 15,000 cans of soup to the Daily Bread Food Bank. I hope with your help, everyone’s help, this milestone can be achieved for a good cause and giving back to the community.

I highly recommend this event. It’s for a good cause, free soup and cool concept, what’s not to like? Now, let me sip through another bowl of delish soup to keep me warm at the Campbell’s pop-up shop!

And MoVernie is outta here!

Check out more photos at this Campbell Soup’s pop-up event below.

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