Canadian Polar Bear Habitat – Cochrane, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


On the MOVE to Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, home of the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat.

I think this is the MOST Northest region I had ever visited within Canada so far in my life and thanks to Mazda CX-30 for getting me there.

The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat is a registered non-profit charitable organization. It is dedicated to improving the standard of care for polar bears around the world and learning as much as possible to help guide global conservation efforts for wild bears.

There is NO other place in the world like this that conducts conservation, for research and for polar bears.
This habitat has staff that feed the polar bears. Sections where guests can watch them swim or having fun on the playground and hospital to provide them with treatment.

This is a facility in need of the public donations and support to help run this organization to provide the care these polar bears need.

Currently, there are 3 polar bears staying here at the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat. With 24 acres of land, these polar bears are free to roam around the forest, the lake and other parts of the outdoors. They may be staying inside the building to sleep or swim in the pool.

Thus, depending on luck and timing, during your visit, you may or may not see the polar bears at all. But we lucked out, 20 minutes into our media tour, we have already spotted these bears at various locations.

In case you wonder, “Why can’t these polar bears be released to the wild?”. Before this media visit, I was thinking the same thing but the fact is…these particular polar bears require extra care and treatment or else they can’t survive out in the wild on its own.

The friendly staff told us that one of the polar bears lost his mom when a hunter shot it down. The baby (cub) doesn’t know how to find food, hunt, or survive on its own as the mom was killed and couldn’t train him. The cub can’t follow someone else mom coz that’s not how they roll.

Another example of another polar bear is when the zoo in USA got closed down, they no longer able to support the polar bear, Canadian Polar Bear Habitat took him in, supplying the similar environment, food, care and treatment.

This Canadian Polar Bear Habitat plays an important role in researching the behaviours of the polar bears so they learn and know how to conserve the polar bear population.

Once again, I thank the wonderful staff at Canadian Polar Bear Habitat for giving us a media tour and allowing us to learn what this facility provides to the polar bears who need their assistance and also the type of experience the public gets when purchasing the tix to visit this facility.

MoVernie TIP: Be sure to check out the gift shop inside the building as it provides a wide variety of unique items that you cannot find anywhere else. For example, I bought a nice white polar bear design facemask. It’s nicely designed and unique. And by the way, the money generated from the sales of these  gift items are funnel back to support and running the operation of this Canadian Polar Bear Habitat. How awesome is that? You get gifts and you help support this non-profit organization!

Canadian Polar Bear Habitat – Cochrane, Ontario, Canada
Address: 1 Drury Park Road, Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Phone: (705) 272-2327


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