Car2Go Event – FREE Food & Music


Car2Go is another car rental service that provides transportation service to downtown core peeps (who doesn’t own a car) but sometimes would like to rent a car for an hour or two or even a day to buy groceries and other activities on demand.

They provide ONLY the SmartCars because they are environmentally friendly, reduce fuel consumption and being able to park around small, tight angled parking lots.

Yesterday, the event was to allow current members to enjoy the free food, music and fun activities. It is also a chance for new members to sign up to join the Car2Go family. Membership receives free minutes to drive the SmartCar around town.

The food trucks (Gourmet Gringos & Gorilla Cheese) were on hand to provide great gourmet, unique local food items. I enjoyed the fish tacos as well as the grilled cheese, apple slices and bacon sandwiches, they were all delish.

They even have a Park2Win contest which the driver had to park in tight parking spot in allocated amount of time. The parking spot got tighter and tighter as you do parallel parking at each level.

Great and fun times with my peeps!


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