Carrie Underwood – The Organ Project


Carrie Underwood - The Organ Project

Carrie Underwood, a talented Country Music Singer was performing for this special private charitable event called “The Organ Project”. The Organ Project is founded by Ottawa Senators Owner, Eugene Melnyk to raise awareness about organ donation. Eugene, himself received a match from an organ donor who donated a liver to save Eugene’s life. However, during this whole process of finding an organ match, the waiting time to receive the organ transplant took too much waiting time.

Eugene Melnyk decided to host this event and raise awareness to save lives and to encourage people to donate their organs to save more people. And by having Carrie Underwood, a well-known household name as the headliner for this special charitable event was a no-brainer. And I am confident, it caught many people’s attention. Carrie flew into Toronto to perform to the attendees who paid big bucks to support this event.

Carrie Underwood - The Organ Project

Carrie was wearing a very beautiful red dress. The red dress also matched the backdrop of the stage. She was just flawless, with a strong and beautiful voice. She sang about 7-8 songs, hits after hits, really brought the place down with her amazing performance. I got to say, she is definitely talented. Just by being in the room, it’s amazing feeling.

Want to know more about The Organ Project and how you can sign up to #EndTheWaitList? Check this Organ Project link here.

Carrie Underwood - The Organ Project Carrie Underwood - The Organ Project Carrie Underwood - The Organ Project




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