CC Lounge on Front

Welcome to CC Lounge on Front (Photo Credit: CC Lounge)

CC Lounge, located at
45 Front Street is now opened! My crew and I got invited to an exclusive media
preview a few nights before it’s official launch, to have a tour of this
beautiful place and got to try some of its delicious, well-thought out food
menu. And more importantly, I need to check out the long list of whisky and
specialty cocktails that CC Lounge has to offer.

Beautiful chandelier & brick wall with luxurious sofas and keg-shaped tables in the spacious lounge area

CC Lounge is the
newest whisky lounge & supper club in Toronto, inside the historic
Beardmore Building. Formerly, it was a book store and the artists and designers
transformed this huge place into a historical, prohibition and speakeasy type
of venue. The moment we walked in, I could see the beautiful exposed brown
brick wall that blended perfectly with the luxurious brown sofa and keg-shaped
tables. Sparkling chandeliers along the room and they were set at an angle, quite an interesting setup. And one of the feature decor attractions was a 10-foot golden birdcage
that burlesque dancers will be performing some sexy live entertainment on
special evenings (check its website for performance schedule). Even if you
don’t know the schedule and happened to be walking by the lounge, I am sure you
will be attracted by the lovely live DJ music and the dancers from the front
bay windows.

Burlesque dancer in a 10-foot golden bird cage (Photo Credit: CC Lounge)

As I walked further
into the lounge, I was amazed of how big this place was. It’s so big they could
separate the first half and the second half of the place into two sections with
curtains, making the back section the prohibition area. I really like the long
bar area, made with beautiful wooden pieces and large mirrors placed behind the
counters. First off, Mixologist made us some nice signature cocktails. In
particular, you should order (“MoVernie MUST TRY”) 1) The Sour; 2) The
Lender; 3) The Dizzy Dame and 4) The Kitten, all four were nicely done. Love
the presentation, the precision volume of each ingredient poured by the mixologist. The cocktails were definitely top items that will distinguish
themselves from competitors and attract peeps to visit more often.

Specialty Cocktails

A second feature
attraction at the CC Lounge was its Whisky Tunnel. It was inspired by the
actual tunnel that was made back in the 1920s when it stretched from Michigan
to Windsor. Back then, peeps had to transport the booze in secret during the
prohibition era. A section of the tunnel was made with glass window but peeps
from outside wouldn’t know how the other peeps get inside, that’s the beauty of
this structure, making it a secretive experience. Owner told us that a trap
door will be installed soon where a slight eye level door would slide open and you
would have to tell them the secret code in order for you to get in. Along the
whisky tunnel, long lists of well-made Whisky from Canada, United States and
around the world were on display. At a fee, the CC Lounge can offer patrons a private whisky tasting tour inside the whisky tunnel. I highly recommend
this tour as the staff was very knowledgeable with the whisky and you get to
taste the various differences in flavours among whisky being made by companies
from different parts of the world.

Whisky Tunnel

Whisky from various countries around the world

As we know, whisky is
meant to sip it slow and not chugging it. So what if I order a brand new bottle
and couldn’t finish it? Not to worry, CC Lounge provides you with storage
service. You can bring your loved one and enjoy a glass for one night and you
can bring your friends for other and then you can bring your clients for
another outing. It’s a win-win-win situation. You can go back in a number of
visits. That’s an amazing service to have!

The food menu – I was told starting in January 2015, lunch will be served as well.

Well…enough talking
about whisky and cocktails. That made me hungry already, even by just writing
this blog. CC Lounge had a long list of prohibition inspired food menu for your
taste buds. We got to sample a number of delicious food items.

We tasted the
following food samples:
1) beef tartare on
2) lobster roll
3) poutine with veal
and beef gravy
4) shrimp cocktail
(served in a shot glass)
5) oysters served with
horseradish, lemons and seasonal mignonette
6) smoked salmon

Lobster roll

Poutine – veal & beef gravy

Smoked salmon on crostini

Shrimp cocktail

I have to say, every
food sample were top notch. Interesting ingredients gave the food menu a unique
flavour different from other restaurants. “MoVernie MUST TRY” would
be the oysters, shrimp cocktail and veal and beef gravy poutine (gravy was to
die for).
Next time, I would
love to try its entree menu. From a glance, the price was very reasonable. An
item such as mac n cheese was $16, trout was $22 and rib eye steak and fries
was $28. At a beautiful place like this, the prices were very attractive. One
item I really want to try next time is the fried quail and bacon pancake, very
interesting combo mix. I had roasted quail before but not sure how fried quail
or bacon pancake or whisky infused maple syrup taste like. This whole combo intrigues
me. I guess that means….I will have to visit often. LOL
Overall, this is
definitely going to be a hotspot. In particular, I could see the young
professional, financial district people (from nearby) ranging from the bankers
to lawyers would see this as their new hotspot. It’s a great place and I can’t
wait to see the actual sexy burlesque dancer performance, while sipping a nice
glass of whisky.
MoVernie Fun Fact: Did
you know recent top notch whisky was made from Japan? Not going to lie, If
James (one of the whisky experts) didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know Japan makes
whisky and are good at it. In fact, lots of patrons who know their shit have
been ordering the Japanese Whisky at the CC Lounge that they have to order
more. Fun fact indeed!

Until next time, MoVernie is outta here! Peace!

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CC Lounge on Front
45 Front Street East
(416) 362-4777

(Photo Credit: CC Lounge)

OverCC Lounge located at 45 Front St.
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